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Teacher’s Name Subject
Jasmar Molina 1st Grade (Self-Contained)
Yanuzzelli, John Director of EDP, IT, Tech Lab, Citizenship
Ramirez, Madison Kindergarten (Regular Ed. Self-Contained)
Konieczny, Jeff 2nd - 6th Science
Jones, Jessica 2nd & 3rd Grade Math
Aguado, Laura 2nd & 3rd Grade Reading
Forbes, Julie 4th/5th/6th Grade Reading
Fugate, Tristyn 4th/5th/6th Grade Math
Peace, Sarah Gifted and Talented Class, STEM, and Remediation
Buntin, Megan Social Studies and Remediation
Jones, Clinton Principal
Howard, Taryn Arts Lab
Striplin, Kimberly ESE / ELL
Acton, Nancy Reading Tutor