Just an FYI…

Hello Parents! I just wanted to share some important information with you regarding the upcoming elections. While I would not dream of pushing my political beliefs off on anyone, I feel it is my duty to our students and school to speak to you about the ½ Cent Sales Tax Surcharge Extension Referendum that is on the ballot. I have attached a letter to this post, but I have included the highlights here.

We have made charter school history in Manatee County. If the ½ Cent Sales Tax Surcharge Extension Referendum passes on November 8th, the School Board of Manatee County has voted to guarantee charter schools a predetermined portion of the funds generated. For MSAS it would mean an increase in capital outlay funds of over $50,000 during the first year. That would go a long way towards helping us provide the facilities, equipment, and technology that your students deserve. This extension is for 15 years and, at the current level, MSAS could lose more than $750,000 if it does not pass.

I am asking you to please vote yes on the ½ Cent Sales Tax Surcharge Extension for the School District of Manatee County. Additionally, I implore you to ask everyone you come in contact with, to support this referendum. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.

With Deep Appreciation,

Rich Ramsay, Ed.S.


MSAS Parent Letter – Sales Tax Referendum