Ms. Gregory

Gifted and Talented Class


Welcome to Ms. Gregory’s Gifted and Talented Class!

I am very excited to be your child’s teacher this year.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Geena Gregory. I studied education at the University of South Florida Tampa and received my Bachelor’s degree. I was born and raised in the Bradenton area and am so happy that I returned to teach here. I have taught kindergarten the past two years, but I am excited to move in to the gifted and talented class, and teach your children. Together we will SHINE this year!


School Supplies for Room 8


*All students will need to purchase a trapper keeper and pencil pouch that fits inside the trapper keeper. This will be used by the student to hold important papers and homework. All students will also need to purchase a pair of headphones, preferably ear buds to keep in their trapper keeper. *

*Please remember NO BACKPACKS*

  • 1 – package of 3 in. x 3 in. POST-ITS notes Bonus Pack (4 colors)
  • 1 – 3 in. x 5 in. index box
  • 1 – pack of 3 in. x 5 in. index cards
  • 2 – packages of #2 pencils, no mechanical pencils
  • 1 – 4-package of EXPO markers-green, red, blue, black
  • 1 – box of 24 Crayola crayons
  • 1 – pack of 24 count Crayola colored pencils
  • 4 – spiral notebooks
  • 2 – packs of wide-rule holed white lined paper
  • 4-6 highlighters
  • 1 – pencil box
  • 1 – box of Kleenex
  • 1 – box of Crayola thin markers-BOYS ONLY
  • 1 – box of Crayola thick markers-GIRLS ONLY
  • 1 – box of ziplock sandwich bags- BOYS ONLY
  • 1 – box of ziplock gallon bags- GIRLS ONLY

Desks storage will not accommodate extra personal supplies. Please provide only the items on the list.

Items are listed in order of importance. If you are financially unable to supply all the items on the list, please eliminate some of the bottom items.